Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor



Check if your computer is ready to use Windows Vista


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Is your computer ready for Windows Vista? If yes, What version is it ready for? Will your sorftware support the new Operating System? Will you need other drivers? These and all other questions will be solved by using Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor.

Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor will scan your computer to help you choose which edition of Windows Vista is right for you, because, as you know, there is more than one version of Windows Vista.

It will also provide guidance about many of the advanced Windows Vista features your computer supports and compatibility of your existing software and devices with Windows Vista.

When you run the Upgrade Advisor, it will scan your computer and generate an easy-to-understand report of any known system and device compatibility issues, along with recommendations on how you can get your PC ready for Windows Vista.

Remember to connect all devices you will use before scanning your system, so the software will tell you if they will be supported by the new Operating System or not.

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